Search: How Searching Works

What is searchable and what isn’t?

In the 'Search' section, you can find the following vehicles:

  • Cars
  • Motor Homes & Caravans
  • Motorcycles and
  • Trucks, Commercial & Utility Vehicles (including Trailers)

Each vehicle category has its own section and a specific search form. For spare parts, please go to eBay Motors, a partner.

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How do I fill in the search form?

On the homepage, there is a quick search that you can use to get a quick, easy-to-use overview. If you have a specific idea of which vehicle you want, go to the 'Search' section (categories 'Cars', 'Motor Homes', etc.) and use the detailed search feature.

None of the entries are mandatory. You do not need to look for a particular model, but can use other search criteria such as price, first registration date, colour, etc. You can also look for more than one make/model (max. 3).

Each additional search criterion used will reduce the number of vehicles found. The number of search results is always displayed on the right next to the search form (example: 'Your search had 312 results'). This way you can judge whether it is worth narrowing down the search. Then click on 'Show results'.

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What is the result?

After you have completed a search, you get to a list of search results that includes all the vehicles that match your search criteria. You now have the following options:

Detail View

By clicking on the ad, you will get to the Detail View. Here, you will receive the remaining information about the vehicle and the vendor, whom you can also contact at this point (under 'Contact Vendor').

Sort search results

The search results vehicles are automatically sorted by relevance. The sorting is based on criteria such as vehicle price, dealer ratings by users, the dealer package and eventually other quality criteria. Under 'Sort by’, you can change the order of vehicle according to your own interests – by mileage in kilometres, price, first registration or age of an ad.

Park vehicle/Save vehicle

To save a vehicle, click on 'Park vehicle'. You can also mark several ads (via the checkbox on the left below the vehicle picture) and click on 'Park vehicle(s)' directly below the list of search results. You can go to these ads later in the 'My My' section under 'My Car Park'. Get more detailed information under 'How can I save my search results? / What does 'Park Vehicle' mean?'

Compare vehicles

To compare several vehicles, first mark the desired ads (via the checkbox on the left below the vehicle picture) and then click on 'Compare Vehicles' directly below the list of search results. To compare vehicles from multiple lists of search results, first save them to your Car Park and then run the comparison from there using the drop-down menu.

Email search request

You can use the link 'Email Search Request' (upper right) to make sure any newly advertised vehicles that match your search criteria will be emailed to you. Simply select a name for your Email Search Request and enter your email address. Once new vehicles have been listed that match your search criteria, you will receive an email with the name of your Email Search Request in the subject line.

Edit search criteria

To optimise your search results, you can remove or alter each search criterion (above the list of search results). The vehicles found (i.e. those that match the changed criteria) are displayed right away without you having to go back to the search form.

Adjust or limit search

In the left column, you can further narrow down the search. Under 'Adjust search', you can adjust the basic data of your search: First Registration Date, Mileage and Price can be adjusted without having to change the search form. The result counter shows you the number of search results.

Under 'Limit Search', you can select a number of additional search criteria. The figures in brackets after each criterion indicate how many vehicles match this criterion. Once a search criterion has been selected, it will be displayed on top of the list of search results right next to the other selected criteria.

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What advantages does 'My' offer when searching for vehicles?

Search with 'My'

With 'My' you can conveniently manage your search activities at %1$s. You can save search requests, carry out the last search again or modify it. You can save interesting vehicles in your car park. To access 'My %1$s' you only need a user name and password - but use remains without obligation and is free of charge.

After you create a search, save it by clicking 'Email search request'. You can get the results sent to you by email (the name of the search is the email's reference line) or view them online in 'My'. Every day you will receive an email with updated search results (if matching vehicles are found).

Under the 'My' menu, you will also find your personal Car Park. Here you can save, compare or recommend up to 200 vehicles.

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How do I use 'My' when listing my vehicle?

List with 'My'

You can also use 'My' when selling your vehicle. In this case you do not have to enter data that you have already entered. If you have already saved your vehicle under 'My car', you only have to click 'List vehicle' to transfer the vehicle data you have already entered.

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How can I use the 'Category' drop-down menu when searching?

In the 'Cars' category, you can select vehicle types by activating the checkboxes next to the respective icons.

In the 'Motor Homes & Caravans', 'Motorcycles' and 'Trucks, Commercial & Utility Vehicles' categories, you can exclude all other vehicles by selecting one particular vehicle type via the 'Category' drop-down menu. Your results are now even more concise.

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How can I save my search results? / What does 'Park Vehicle' mean?

To view or save interesting ads, click on 'Park Vehicle' in the list of search results or on the Detail View of the ad. The ad is then stored in your personal Car Park, which you can always access via the 'My My' section under 'My Car Park'. You can save up to 200 vehicles.

You can do the following with the vehicles parked in your Car Park:

  • Compare

    Mark the ads and select 'Compare vehicles'. For more detailed information, please go to 'How can I compare different vehicles'?

  • Recommend

    Recommend single vehicles from your Car Park by clicking on 'Recommend'.

You can also:

  • Monitor the price development

    If the price of the parked vehicles increases or decreases, this will be noted for you in the ad. In addition, you will also see the price of the vehicle when you first parked it.

  • Save note

    Write a note (max. 255 characters), mark the ad and click on the link 'Save note' or when adding notes for several ads, select 'Save memo(s)' in the drop-down menu and click on 'Submit'.

Vehicles deleted by the vendor are automatically removed from your Car Park.

Please note: You can only access your Car Park from the PC on which you created it. As the Car Park is created using a cookie, you need to ensure that your internet browser accepts cookies.

Your parked vehicles will be deleted if you do not visit your Car Park for a period of 60 days.

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How can I compare different vehicles?

You can start the vehicle comparison in your Car Park or directly in the list of search results. Simply mark the desired ads in the list of search results and click on 'Compare vehicles'. However, you can only compare vehicles in the current list of search results. To compare vehicles from different lists of search results, first save the vehicles in your Car Park and then run the comparison from there via the drop-down menu.

You can do the following with the vehicles parked in your Car Park:

Display options

Mark the details that you would like to compare: price, vehicle data, etc. Select the desired display options using the checkboxes and click on 'Submit'. Your selected vehicles are displayed in a table format right next to each other and, thus, can be easily compared with each other.

Below the vehicle data, you can select several options for each of the displayed vehicle:

Park vehicle

The vehicle is moved to your Car Park (in case you have launched the comparison directly from the list of search results).

Detail View

The Detail View of the vehicle ads opens up in a separate window on top of the comparison list.

Find similar vehicles

Search for other vehicles of the same manufacturer/model that match the original vehicle in terms of fuel type and your desired special features. Details regarding performance, mileage (in km) and first registration can also be considered as criteria for selection, but they may vary slightly.

Delete Vehicle

The vehicle is removed from the vehicle comparison.

Please note: You can only do one vehicle comparison at a time. If a list of comparisons already exists, it is not possible to create another one. Newly selected vehicles will replace an existing vehicle comparison.

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Can I look for vehicles in my area?

Yes, the radius search is available in Germany, Romania, Poland, France, and Italy. Enter your zip code in the 'Zip' field and in the 'Radius' field select the desired maximum distance.

A regional search is also possible by only entering the first digit of the postcode, the first two digits, the first three digits, etc. In this case, the radius search is not possible.

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What is meant by the details for fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions?

The Ordinance on Fuel Consumption Labelling for Cars (the "car EnVKV") requires that certain information about consumption and emission values are to be provided when advertising new cars. If these values are accompanied by 'approx.', this means that this information provided by the vendor is based on their own measurements, experience, etc. Otherwise it is the manufacturer's official figures.

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