Search: How Searching Works

What is searchable and what isn’t?

What can I search for - and what can't I search for?

  • Cars
  • Motor Homes & Caravans
  • Motorcycles and
  • Trucks, Commercial & Utility Vehicles (including Trailers)

There's a specific search form available for you to use for each vehicle category. And if you're searching for parts, you'll find them at eBay Motors.

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How do I fill in the search form?

You'll find a mini search form directly on the home page, which contains key search criteria. If you want to make a highly specific search, then the detailed search form is the right one for you.

It allows you to specify all the features that you consider most important for your next vehicle: the number of seats, manual or automatic, colour and which driver assistance systems are important to you. You can refine the search so that only vehicles in your neighbourhood are shown to you, or to exclude certain models, or to make a specific search for vehicles offered by private sellers only – or by dealers only.

This allows you to effectively filter the search results. Every time a new feature is added, notice just how steeply the number of vehicle matches declines. This ensures that you get the search results you're looking for.

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What is the result?

Clicking on the button reveals a list of search results with all the vehicles which match your search criteria. You can also sort the results to suit your requirements, or adapt the search results directly on the page. You can see your search criteria at the top. You can delete them again from here, and you can add criteria in the column on the left.

Detail View

You can park a vehicle – i.e. make a note of it – directly from the list of search results, or click directly on the ad. You are then forwarded directly to the detail view with all the information on the vehicle and the seller. You can make contact with the seller directly from both pages.

The right order

The vehicles in the search results are automatically sorted by 'Relevance & Recommendation'. This means that vehicles that match your previous search particularly well and ads from certain dealers are shown closer to the top. However, no ads are struck off the list – you will always be shown all the vehicles that match your search. However, you can change the order of the vehicles according to your own interests under 'Sort by' – by mileage in kilometres, price, first registration (date) or by how old an ad is.

Park vehicle/Save vehicle

If you wish to make a note of a vehicle so that you can find it again later, all you have to do is click on 'Park' or 'Park this vehicle'. Your (free-of-charge) car park offers you a range of opportunities: you can compare vehicles, add notes to them, share them with friends or have the location shown to you. Please note: If you haven't logged in when doing so, you will only be able to access your Car Park on the device that you used to create it. To ensure that you can access the vehicles you saved from any device, it is a good idea to remain logged in.

Compare vehicles

Simply navigate to the Car Park, select the vehicles and click on 'Start comparison'. In order to obtain a comparison with a layout that is as clearly structured as possible, you can select different aspects: (vehicle) details, feature sets or seller. And to make the evaluation easier, you can also have only the differences shown to you. This is particularly useful when comparing feature sets.

Saving a search

You can, of course, also save your search, or share it with friends. Simply click on 'Save search' (at the top right) and give your search a name – which is important if you'd like to save several searches. You can also have your search results sent to you by email. The name of your search will appear in the subject line of the mail. You won't receive more than one email per day – and only when new ads for suitable vehicles have been placed.

Optimising a search

To obtain better – or not too many – search results, you can modify your search at any time. You can do so directly on the page showing the search results – you don't need to return to the search. You can see your search criteria above the search results, where you can delete them directly (in order to obtain more search results). You can add other search criteria in the column on the left in order to find suitable ads.

Narrowing down search results

You can refine your search in the column on the left in order to find fewer, but more suitable, ads. This allows you to obtain an initial overview and then add specific features that are important to you. You can reduce the maximum mileage in kilometres, select specific colours or only have vehicles with a navigation system shown. You can do that directly on the page, without having to switch back to the search form.

The result counter shows you the number of vehicles that still match your search after narrowing it down further. How many suitable vehicles with this feature are available is shown in brackets behind the individual search criteria.

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My Find the right vehicle faster

Searching & finding with 'My'

My' is free of charge and obligation-free – and it helps you to optimise your search. You can save search requests, run your last search again, or save interesting vehicles to your Car Park.

Different options can be found at the top right of the search results: you can save the search and have the search results sent to you by email if you'd like. The name of the search request is then the subject of the email. You won't receive more than one email per day – and only when ads for suitable new vehicles appear.

You can find your personal Car Park under 'My'. You can save any vehicles that you're considering here. You can also add notes, share ads or recommend them to others.

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My' for ad placement

Fast ad creation

If you've placed an ad for a vehicle, you can use 'My' to access your ad quickly. You can add data here, change the price or – once the duration has elapsed – reactivate your ad. Please note that you can only place 2 ads per month.

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What are the most important search criteria?

The greater the range of offers, the more specifically you can structure the search. It's worth doing!

In order to obtain a manageable number of search results, selecting criteria other than price, power and fuel type, and ones that are important to you, is worthwhile. For example, automatic or manual transmission, from dealers/from private sellers only, cruise control, Isofix, colour etc. And narrow down the location/region – this helps you to avoid long trips to see the seller.

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Where do I save interesting vehicles to?

In order to save interesting ads, you just click on 'Park' or 'Park this vehicle' in the list of search results or directly in the ad. The ad is then saved to your personal Car Park. You will find the link to it at the top right of the page: under 'My' when you're logged in, and directly under 'Car park' when you're not logged in.

The Car Park offers you the following options:

  • Compare

    Mark the checkbox below the picture (in the app: 'Compare') and start the comparison. When using the desktop version, you can also select criteria that are important to you (feature sets, seller).

  • Share

    Did you find a vehicle a friend might be interested in? Would you like a second opinion? Then share interesting ads using Twitter, Facebook or by email.

You can also:

  • Show location

    Clicking on 'Show on map' allows you to see the vehicle's location.

  • Save note

    You can add a note to every ad, e.g. to note unanswered questions or whether the seller has already been in touch.

If a seller deletes an ad, then you can have similar vehicles shown to you.

Important: if you haven't logged in to 'My', you will only be able to access your Car Park on the device that you used to create it.

If you have a 'My' account, the different car parks that you create on different devices will automatically be synchronised.

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How can I compare different vehicles?

You can start a comparison directly in the search results when using the app. When using a desktop computer, you save and park the ads first, and then start the comparison from your Car Park. To do so, you mark the checkbox under the picture (in the app: 'Compare') and click on 'Start comparison'.

The Car Park offers you the following options:

Clear layout

In order to keep the comparison as clearly structured as possible, you can choose what will be shown: details, feature sets, sellers. And you can also have only the differences between the ads shown to you. This is especially helpful when looking at similar vehicles.

Below the vehicle data, you can select several options for each of the displayed vehicle:

Park vehicle

The vehicle is moved to your Car Park (in case you have launched the comparison directly from the list of search results).

Detail View

The Detail View of the vehicle ads opens up in a separate window on top of the comparison list.

Find similar vehicles

Search for other vehicles of the same manufacturer/model that match the original vehicle in terms of fuel type and your desired special features. Details regarding performance, mileage (in km) and first registration can also be considered as criteria for selection, but they may vary slightly.

Delete Vehicle

The vehicle is removed from the vehicle comparison.

Please note: You can only do one vehicle comparison at a time. If a list of comparisons already exists, it is not possible to create another one. Newly selected vehicles will replace an existing vehicle comparison.

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Can I look for vehicles in my area?

Yes: by specifying your postcode and the preferred radius, you can search specifically for offers nearby.

A regional search is also possible by only entering the first digit of the postcode, the first two digits, the first three digits, etc. In this case, the radius search is not possible.

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What is meant by the details for fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions?

The Ordinance on Fuel Consumption Labelling for Cars ('Pkw-EnVKV') requires that this information about consumption and emission values be provided. If exact values are specified, then they are the official manufacturer data for a new vehicle; in other cases, they are approximate, empirical values, or similar values, provided by the seller.

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